Amita Bhalla


A Successful Woman is one who dares to build an empire with the bricks others have thrown at her, a woman who dreams and who has the ability to fulfill those dreams is what we call EMPOWERMENT!

WEWZONE recently explored a woman who is known for her hard work and dedication. She has set a trend and an example to dream and have the strength to achieve! She is none other than Mrs. Amita Bhalla, the owner of Dream Girl by AB. Dream Girl by AB was like a reverie for her until it was fulfilled by her daughter Ashna Bhalla. She shared that with the constant motivation and support from her family, this mother-daughter duo has been able to actualize their dreams and achieve an accolade in their life. Amita Bhalla has been working for Dream Girl by AB for more than 10 years. They have had exhibitions of jewellery all over the country and very pleased to be accepted and appreciated by everyone. People also have showed inclination towards their work and Dream Girl by AB has also set a trend among people.

Like every successful person, Mrs. Bhalla too has have faced her share of struggles and ups and downs but she never lost faith in herself. She counts on the support of her family and believes that dedication and motivation along with the support has led to her success. She says that nothing can be impossible to attain in life if a person has family support.

Mrs. Amita Bhalla has a message for all those women who keep strong desire to do something in life but fail due to societal pressures – “A woman must never lose hope.. Self-confidence and strong will power makes a person successful. Also, a woman must be able to take stand for her own rights under any circumstance.”

-Mamta Sharma(Story)


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