Anamika and Her Mother


Just like any other happy – go – lucky girl, found in the world of fairy tales, Anamika was one of them…
Intelligence, smartness, enthusiasm, filled with joy, fun-loving nature were just some of her many traits…….
Anamika was good at school as well. Whether scoring good percentile in academics or grabbing certificates in cultural activities, she excelled in everything!! Everything was like, in place! Just  like a Disney World…..
But, it’s well known that life is not a bed of roses…. The disastrous night came to her doorsteps……
It was the new year’s midnight of 2016, while the new year wishes were being exchanged in the family, a shriek sound made its way to her ears! As soon she made her way to the other room, everything came to an end.
Sorry, She was late.
Her father passed away on the  spot, due to heart attack with his eyes wide open, as if they were searching for her……
Poor little 15, daddy’s girl! Her Hero left her alone amidst the crowd…..
But, we know that God has different plans for each one of us……
By the grace of God, her mother got the job in central government ministry where her late father was an officer (Govt. Employee)..
Anamika’s mother was a pious lady. Her day started from preparing food for the family and ended by preparing bed for them. She used to roam around the house the whole day, from finding socks in cupboard to cover them with blankets during night…..
Her husband’s death was a turning point in her life…..
She didn’t exactly know what to do next. She remembered the moments when she used to tell her husband how much she hated to go out and work. Raising the family, making home, paintings, pottery, shopping and cooking were part of her life which she used to love….
But now, the only hint she is left with, is a huge question mark..
How would she arrange the pieces back together???
Within a month of her husband’s death, the widow started going to the workplace where her husband once used to sit and work….
The same chair and Table, The staff, his fragrance, everything  remind her of her love and she was all in tears…..
But she was strong. She wanted to do everything for her children, so with all the strength left in her, she gathered the courage and started with the work….
Thousands of hurdles were laid in the pathway and all those unstoppable negative thoughts tried to break her apart….
But, someone has truly said that A mother can fight death for her Children….
This is what Anamika’s mother did for her children (Anamika had a younger brother too)….
From the taunts of society and relatives to all other difficulties posed by the colleagues/ seniors in the, office, she targeted them head shot with all her determination, selflessness, willingness to learn and courage to fight against all odds in her children’s life…..
With the blessings of God, she is now having a govt job, her kids having good position in their respective fields, a caring and loving family, highly approachable and cooperative colleagues…..
Today, she is leading a peaceful and happy life, but on the other side, like any other ill-fortune wife, she spend her nights wetting the pillows in the memory of her beloved husband…..
May God bless her and take away all the worries and problems from her life….

It’s honestly a blessing to have such a wonderful person in life who knows the art of balancing things in life (whether its her children or the in-laws or the officer, whatever), even after facing a chain of obstacles in her life…
Anamika’s mother truly proved to be an ideal lady, in all aspects for her….

Courtesy : Sanya Chaudhary


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