Ashna Bhalla


There is a growing need to bring to life the realization that it is important and rightful for every woman to freely pursue her dreams and evolve as an empowered being, to strike a healthy equilibrium in the balance and structure of society.

‘WEWZONE’ is back with a new story of a successful and empowered woman – a mushrooming synonym of éclat in her field, who daringly chose to fulfill her dreams against all odds and hurdles.

Ms. Ashna Bhalla , who is an actress/model , proudly credits her mother for the golden colour of her success. Ms. Bhalla while going down her memory lane and counting on her steps of success, extends immense gratitude towards her mother for the unconditional support and for the belief that her mother posed in Ms. Ashna and her dreams.

The journey of success and life was not an easy street for Ashna, she faced many disapprovals and the strongest one was from her father, who did not have a very bloomy view towards the film industry and considered it to be unfit for his daughter. However, Ashna strongly made her choice and the successful results of her strong and determinant choice soon changed the attitude of social circuit and friends and her father too.

Ms. Bhalla marks that she achieved the goals and is still exploring success without much exertion in industry due to her strong will and blessing of God and bliss of good luck too.

Counting on the milestones she mentioned about her first advertisement in jiffy and then her hard work was blessed enough to bring her the fame with a role in ‘FEAR FILES’ and ‘P.S. I HATE YOU’.

She concluded her words with a positive note that, “girls shouldn’t be scared in doing something that they fantasize to do and rather should pursue and catch their dreams with a strong will’.


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