Barriers to Women’s Employment


Unlike the earlier times, women today have made a position for themselves in the society and are not confined to just household chores. They have shown that they are as talented and skilled as men. All they need is the right kind of opportunity and the freedom to choose their call in life. However, even as the women are seeking employment in different fields in today’s times, they are still faced with numerous challenges and barriers.

Barriers to Women’s Employment

  • High Expectations

Taking care of the family and the household chores has always been considered to be the prime responsibility of women. Since times immemorial women have been confined to the houses to ensure they don’t neglect these duties and remains dependent on the male members of the house so that they can exercise control on them and exploit them at will. Now that the women have started going out to work they have attained financial freedom but in a way have doubled their duties and responsibilities. They now need to fulfil their household responsibilities as well as earn. The male members of our society do not share the personal or household responsibilities. This becomes one of the main barriers to women employment. This is the reason why most women leave their jobs post marriage or after having kids.

  • Safety Issue

Our society does not provide a safe environment to the women. Women are harassed and exploited in different ways by the male employees at workplaces. They hesitate travelling alone during the late evening hours as our roads are not safe for them. They also hesitant in going on business tours worrying about their safety. All this hinders their performance and is yet another barrier to women’s employment.

Women empowerment in the true sense would not be possible if such crimes against women do not stop. The mindset of the male members of the community needs to be changed to help women rise and shine.

It is a pity how women are being exploited in the name of culture, tradition and family responsibilities and how they have to live in constant fear of the men. If men have the right to go out and lead a life of their choice then why not women? Women must be encouraged to work and should be empowered to take their own decisions. Men should share the load when it comes to household chores to help the women. They must also create a safe environment for the women to learn and grow.

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