Because I am a WOMAN!!!


Don’t look at me that way
You can’t always have your way
No I’m not someone you slay
And no you can’t ask how much I weigh

Don’t say the place where I belong is the kitchen
Just because I am a woman.

Don’t stare at me secretly from the window
Don’t think you can impress me!
Don’t think you could ever be my shadow
Always behind me trying to follow!!!

Don’t think my courage can’t be summoned
Just because I am a woman.

Don’t think you can sit in the empty seat next to me in the bus
What , do you think I can’t create a fuss ?
Don’t think you can just touch me and run
It shows you’re scared and what makes you think you have won?

Don’t you think it’s unfair to continue female foeticide 
What makes you think you’re the one to decide?
How is it an honour, when it is honour killing ?
Why can’t you be the one to understand her feelings?

No , I don’t think you can treat me like vermin
Just because I am a woman.

So how about you show us some respect
And your actions , you began  to inspect
And how about you treat us as your equal
I’m pretty sure that is legal

So how about you apologise honestly, it will be forgiven
Oh yeah, that’s because I am a woman!!!

Courtesy : Low-key (


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