Binny Yadav


”A right is not what someone gives you, it is what no one can take from you”

Ms. Binny Yadav, a lady who believes that a woman can be truly empowered only if she is aware of her rights & true potential to count on.

WEWZONE- discovered another remarkable story of struggle and success in conversation with Ms. Yadav, a golden epitome of an empowered woman. She is a multi –tasking lady, successfully working as a writer, film-maker and a journalist at the same time. Ms. Binny has also successfully worked in many documentaries. But this was not a joyride for her, she faced many impediments in her travel to success .

she faced numerous hindrances in achieving her goals, she wanted to be a writer and work in the field of media and journalism but her parents opposed the very line of her idea, considering it to be unsafe for girls and rather wanted her to opt for teaching as a career option. However Ms. Binny strongly asserted her choice and dreams and successfully convinced and proved it to her parents too.

Counting on some flashback memories, she shared her experiences of the days when day and night, dark or light were no parameters for her work and hours of hard work. Ms. Yadav proudly credits her husband and in-laws for positive support and co-operation, they extended for her professional and personal life too. Ms. Binny Yadav, as an empowered woman, asserts that ”I do not ask for any special rights just because I am a woman rather I want myself to be taken as a human being , Treating women in any different manner is in itself a streak of discrimination . Men and Women are  ‘equal’ , – added Binny”

She concluded her words with some golden thoughts, first a woman should be able to recognize herself, her energies, her dreams, her potential, her capacity and then she should be capable of making others realize her true potentials too.

She believes in HERSELF,

She believes in Women Empowerment!

-Mamta Sharma {Story}

-Manuj Mehta {Picture Credit}



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