Changing Role of Women


Human being divided into two kinds, first is Men and second is Women. Men and Women have different rights and obligation. In general Men has an obligation to take care of Women, Men has a responsible to the Women in economic and security in particularly, because Women are weaker rather than Men. Nowadays the circumstance has been change, Women have different obligation compare to in the earlier period, when in the earlier period Women’s role is just focus on household area and they are prohibit to have a job but nowadays the role of the women have been changing furthermore emerge with the role of men and these condition become more obvious since the beginning of the globalization era. There are three main reasons causes the changing role of Women in the world, first is poverty, second is as a responsibility for home and family matters and third is education.

Poverty has become one of the most serious problems happen in the world, poverty causes many victims. Working poor woman in Cambodia cited in Narayan on 2000 about poverty, she said;

“Poverty means working for more than 18 hours a day, but still not earning enough to feed myself, my husband, and my two children.” (1)

The existence of poverty are unavoidable in today world, this problems become one of the reasons of changing role of women, there are facts regard to the condition of the women that “Seventy per cent (70%) of today poor people are women”(2), and this situation had been ignites the women to moved out from this grief, they start to work and find a job for their selves. Another survey clarify that “eighty per cent (80%) of the worlds refugees are women and girls”(3), this situation could be happen because of some reasons such as they become victims of a disaster, they lost their entire family and the results they becomes the refugees, this condition also become one of the source of the poverty in the world. The next reason is because “women own only one per cent of the world’s resources and earn one-tenth of the world’s income”(4), this circumstance trigger most of the women to have a bigger role in the world, they start to think that they also needs money for their own life. Poverty has become very serious problems in today’s world circumstance and most of the victims are women, this condition turn into the source of the role changing of women.

Responsibility for home and family matters becomes the other reason of the changing role of women in today world. Susan M. Heathfield has been predicting;

“The number of women will continue to increase in the workforce. Women will continue to have primary responsibility for home and family matters, thus affecting work attendance negatively”(5)

Related to the today world’s circumstance, the prediction from Susan M. Heathfield is true, nowadays most of the women intentionally change their role as a responsibility to their family, most of the women start to work or find a job when their husband cannot work anymore, it can be cause of their husband had been fired from the company or their husband had been pass away and the women itself turn into a widow. Some of the women start to have a job as purpose to support the economic condition of their family, because of the salary of their husband cannot fulfill the needs of their family. Starting from that point the women begin to have a job to survive her children and her family from the poverty. The responsibility to home and family matters has become the motive of the changing role of the women in today’s situation.

Education is one of the most important matter in the globalization era in particular, it also turn into the causes of the changing role of women in today’s world condition. The increasing level of education for women in today’s world has been trigger the changing role of the women, the statistic from United States Department of Labor declared that, “persons aged 25 years and older, 29 percent of women and 30 percent of men had attained a bachelor’s degree or higher; 31 percent of women and men had completed only high school, no college”(6), this situation makes the women start to think that they have a right to have a job like a man because they already obtain same level of education, they would like to promotes the equality for the women, and the results is the emerge of women’s leader in some country in today’s world politics such as Hillary Clinton on United States. This situation had proven that the education has become one of the causes of the changing role of women in today’s world situation.

Although the changing role of women has been a new idea in this today’s circumstance in order to solving some of the problems happen in this world and also have some beneficial impacts to the world, it still acquire some refusal from certain group of communities, they think that this idea has been collide the nature role of women and also break some of the guidance from certain religion. The changing role of women will still continue increasing because of the spread of globalization.

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