Chocoley By Renu Kapoor


WEWZONE brings to you another example of an empowered woman- Ms. Renu Kapoor and her creative experience with life, which she shared with us in an interview this week.
Yes, her story has a creative twist- a twist of chocolates that gave a sweet signature of empowerment to her individuality. Ms. Renu Kapoor faced her own share of struggle in her life, starting with the death of her father who expired when she was of a very tender age and later an early death of her husband which left her disheartened with a lonely life but she did not stop there. Her determination to walk through the life with dignity gave spark to the idea of asserting her own independent individuality.

Ms. Renu Kapoor started making chocolates, which needless to say are a taste-candy and a perennial attraction for people of all age groups. Ms. Kapoor proudly credited her friend for being an inspiration for her…. she counts back, how her friend who used to bake cakes always suggested her to be independent and positively motivated her for the initiative, it is then that Ms. Kapoor thought of learning and doing something new to be independent and keep the interest in her life alive and she came up with the idea of making chocolates. Ms. Kapoor mentioned of her daughter who was always optimistic about her initiatives, ideas and always stood by her side and is still supporting her. She plans to take her initiative further and take her art of making chocolates to the next level and larger scale.

Ms. Kapoor strongly marks and believes that harsh struggle in life has empowered her and gave her an undying spirit in its own way.  She believes and suggests that girls should come out of their shell and work their hands out at different things and should expand their scope of lives. She marked that society is changing and a large share of society is positively accepting the move towards women empowerment and society should rather pay its hand in empowering women.

Ms. Renu considers empowerment to be- doing something productive and conclusively taking independent stand in life. She conclusively marked that-Stagnant life is not an option to be lived with and stagnancy can make it stale, so one should keep moving and progressing.