Education “Way Toward A Change”


”तमसोमाज्योतिर्गमय” the meaning of this Sanskrit prayer is that ‘Take me toward Gleam from this darkness” and this is a basic column of Indian culture.

The meaning of gleam here is Education, because Education is the only thing by which darkness can be wreck. A child’s present and future can be fruitful by Education because Education can make person’s thinking immense and decisive.

Education is important for the developing country like India because without education we are not able to move a single step toward progress. Educating someone can make his/her future better and can change the way of thinking of that person.

Today, there is a big problem in our country i.e. “Child labour”. Alots of children below the age of 16 years are forced to work as labour and they are not able to do any other work in their life other than since they are not having enough knowledge to do so,  that he/she can acquire by educating himself in school.

The government took several initiative towards educating every child of the country. There are several government schools across country which provides free education with mid – day meal for every student without any discrimination. This initiative attracts a large number of children and their parents are also taking effort to educate their child because as they know there is nothing without education.

The government is taking their initiative towards educating every child but we also have to take some steps to educate every child of this country. Some parents wants to educate their children but due to lack of knowledge about the governmental schemes they are not able to educate their children and even if they know ,they don’t know how to apply for the procedure of admission in government schools, in that case we should  help them so that every children of this country get enough education by which he/she can make his/her future worthwhile and protect our country from malpractices like child labour , child trafficking etc.

Education is everything for headway and this is the only way toward a change.

Educating someone Give Them Way

To Understand This World Better


To Make It Better.

– Mayank Maheshwari



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