Empower Women


World Bank: Empowerment is the process of enhancing the abilities of individuals or groups to create alternatives and convert those options into desired actions and outcomes.

Women empowerment is the right to make their own decisions for the women, by manipulating all personal boundaries.

It is all about to consolidate the social, educational, employment, decision making, and economic powers of women and to create an environment where there is no gender bias and have equal rights in society and the workplace.

Gender inequality is the primary social issue in some of the countries with women coming back to the male-dominated country.

Women’s empowerment needs to take a higher pace to equalize the value of both genders in this country. In every way, the upliftment of women should be the most top priority of the nation.

Inequalities between men and women in society create a lot of problems, which become a significant obstacle in the way of the success of the nation.

It is the birthright of women to give equal value to men in society. To truly bring about empowerment, every woman needs to be aware of her rights from her end.

They only need to take positive steps and be involved in every activity rather than engaging in household chores and family responsibilities, they should know about all the happenings around them and in the country.

Women empowerment has the power to change many things in society and the country. They are much better than men for dealing with specific problems in society.

They can better understand the loss of migrants to their families and countr & fully capable of handling the economic conditions of the family and the nation through proper family planning.

Women are more capable of handling any impulsive violence than men in the family or society.

Through women empowerment, it may be likely to convert the male-dominated country into a rich economy country. Empowering women can help each member of the family develop quickly without any extra effort.

A woman is treated as responsible for everything in the family so that she can solve all current problems.

Empowerment will automatically bring empowerment for all the family.

Women’s empowerment is the best cure for any major or minor problem involving human beings, the economy, or the environment.

Women are becoming more aware of their health, education, job, and responsibilities towards the family, society, and nation.

They are taken in every field and showing their high interest. Finally, after a long struggle, women are getting their rights to move forward on the right pathway.

Courtesy: https://gupshups.org/women-empowerment-essay/


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