Empowerment of women


Women empowerment is the much-talked about issue today. Women are increasingly getting empowered to decide the course of their life and professions and realise their fullest potential. 

Importance of Women Empowerment:

Women empowerment adds to confidence of women in their ability to lead meaningful. It removes their dependence on others.

  • Empowerment makes women able to lead their lives with dignity and freedom
  • It adds to their self esteem
  • It gives them a different identity
  • Financial independence make them capable to spend on all their needs and desires.
  • They are able to make meaningful contributions to the well-being of society
  • They get fair and equitable access to resources of the country

Necessity of  Empowerment for women

  • Without women’s empowerment, we cannot remove injustice and gender discrimination and inequalities.
  • If women are not empowered, they cannot enjoy security and protection in life
  • It also provide them a safe environment to work.
  • Empowerment acts as a powerful tool against exploitation and harassment of women
  • It is a great means to get legal protection for women
  • If not socially and economically empowered, women cannot develop their own identity
  • If women are not employed, the global economy will be adversely affected as women constitute a vast chunk of the world’s population
  • Women are highly creative and intelligent which makes it imperative to receive their contributions in socio-economic activities
  • For a just and progressive society, women need to be provided equal opportunities for work

Women Empowerment helps to make the society and world a better place to live in and march forward on way to inclusive participation. It means increase happiness for the family and the organisations where women make a difference.


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