Geetanjali Kumar


“A woman who knows her rights, takes her decisions by herself and one who is strong in all social, political, emotional and physical dimensions of her life is truly an ‘Empowered woman- empowered to opt for her own stand and sight.” ‘WEWZONE’- stands for bringing the stories of such empowered women in front to bring alive spark of motivation in every woman. We bring to you stories of doting women effectively and efficiently working in different fields and roles of life.

Today, we bring to you the story of one such lady – one amongst you and yet a different example of success and empowerment. The lady, Mrs. Geetanjali Kumar, an Assistant Professor at Delhi university, shared some of her life experiences, mentioning how her parents supported her throughout the journey and the milestones she crossed and she credits the unconditional love of her mother and father for the heights she has achieved. Mrs. Kumar’s mother is a role model for her. Unfortunately she lost her father at a very early age and her mother took great care of her along with her siblings. She got married when she was doing her M.Phill and fortunately due to immense support and motivation of her husband she effectively completed her studies. In a conversation with us she talked about the struggle and diligent hard work that had put in her journey of building a strong founded career to prove herself. With continuous and efficient efforts and work she crossed many milestones and levels and got a Permanent job in Delhi University and it is now more than 10 years that she has been working in Delhi University. Mrs. Geetanjali marked that it is because she has a very supportive family, which is her backbone and source of spirit, that it is never tough for her to manage personal and professional life and with the family’s immense support she is able to positively face all the tasks and challenges that the life brings to her. She strongly believes that if one is happy and content in doing something then it makes your life easier and you beat up all the obstacles that come in your way and that is followed by an inner satisfaction and an instinct of strength.

Mrs. Geetanjali Kumar concluded with strong words that it is only when a woman is able to take her own decisions that she can be seen as a truly ’empowered woman’. She believes that a woman should be strong enough to make her own choices and her way !

–  Mamta Sharma (Story)



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