Have we failed!


As a nation, we are proud of so many things. We pride in our diversity, our ethics and our languages. We even pride in our culture. But in recent times, this culture has been somewhat lost.
We misbehave with people coming to explore India. We show them the dark side, they’d never want to see. 
Recently the case of a foreign tourist being assaulted in Goa, made us question how safe women are.But aren’t we as a nation, at fault?
We promote patriarchy, we promote vulgarity, we promote sexist content.

We suppress feminists. But hey, we have a culture to protect. 
Joining different dal/morcha won’t help. You don’t need to police people who are doing things with consent.Questions need to be raised.
Have we failed, as a nation?

-Garima Sadhwani


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