I am a Woman!


Every woman’s success should be an inspiration to another. We are strongest when we cheer each other on.
~ Serena Williams
Women have been suffering the injustice and stereotypes of society since the very beginning. But today, after a lot of hustle and challenges, they have made a name for themselves. They have broken the barriers and stood for themselves.
Change may seem impossible but once we are in the process, it slowly and steadily breaks the norms created by society. Indian women keep running between self- acceptance and patriarchy.
The two pioneering Indian women listed below have inspired me to empower myself and to keep believing myself to reach the goal that I want to. Over the years, these ladies have gained admiration and hearts by pursuing their passions.

Mohita Khanduja, a principal at a prestigious Meerut school, was born in the little city of Moradabad in 1981. Her quest started with earning an MCA degree, and she later became a school principal. Women all around her were motivated to pursue their dreams by her.
She earned an MCA degree prior to getting married, and after beginning her career as a kindergarten teacher, her love of studying led her to acquire further degrees like a B.Ed and an MSc in mathematics, among others. Her never-ending persistence, tolerance, and determination allowed her to succeed. She firmly believes that “learning never ends,” therefore teaching kindergarten students helped her grow as a child psychologist, which later in life enabled her to comprehend student behaviour, lead them down the proper route through ongoing counselling, and assist them in making informed professional decisions.
But none of this was simple. She faced many difficulties and had to pay attention to society because she was raised in a back then, less developed city. But she persisted, and throughout the years, her love of taking on challenges and her commitment to lifelong learning helped her achieve her objective. She changed into a more assured, independent, and self-assured woman who now understands that everyone has a unique perspective and is free to express it; therefore, take all compliments as appreciation, and take criticism (complimentary criticism always comes with appreciation) or just ignore it and be who you are.
She thinks that when people work together, they can accomplish anything. What changes did you make to the school as principal? she was asked. She said, “We both developed throughout the years, my institution made me more responsible and organised, and my new ideas and methodological approach made us extend our wings and soar.”
She admitted that she had both admirers and detractors throughout her life. Her family was her strongest ally, being at her side in both good and terrible circumstances. As the critics conceded, she attained perfection. She also expresses gratitude to her detractors for giving her the incredible courage and willpower that has kept her standing tall today. The biggest error of her life, in her opinion, was reacting to the critics and doubting herself.
She is a woman who delights on empowering her students and giving them the tools they need to fly. She feels tremendous satisfaction and joy seeing the student’s smile.
She is a wife and mother in addition to being a teacher, and she enjoys spending time with her family.

Suniti Gupta, Entrepreneur
Suniti Gupta, a businesswoman who was born in Delhi, took on the obligation to combat the pervasive gender bias in her environment and establish herself in society.
She began by working for the family business, eventually making it her own.
She earned an MBA and, with bravery, passion, and a positive outlook, reached great heights. She continued on the route she had chosen for herself, not worrying about what people would think of her. She is a genuine businesswoman that adheres to the motto “together we build, together we flourish.” For her staff and customers, she created an inclusive and welcoming workplace.
She is a confident, strong woman. She maintains control over everything around her and does not allow anyone to influence her thoughts. She feels that no one can alter her fate; it can only be determined by her. She is still on her quest to accomplish her objectives. Her journey was filled with triumphs and errors, and each mistake produced a more beautiful version of her.

By Janavi Mehta


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