Let her be!


Let her be a girl who loves experiences
Let her be the one who
When angry minces
take her as the strong head
take her as the one
who’ll earn the bread
Do you know her as the girl
who’ll dance in the rain
And for even days sometimes,
who’d talking to friends, family, humans, refrain
One who’s happy in her own world
She’s the queen in her head,
 that may even seem absurd
But let her be
Let her dream
Let her go out and scream
Let her be the wild animal
She always wanted to be
Let her be the one force of nature
That’d always glee
Let her spoil you
Let her colour you in different shades of hue
Let her give you everything she got
Let her tell you how she loves you a lot
Just don’t let her drown
In the sea of self doubt
Because she’s precious
Let her even go
Let her be audacious
Let her grow
Let her be free
And When she turns into the great woman
She’s destined to be
She’d come back
And fill you with all the colour of hue
That you lack
Till then just let her be.

-Aditi Singhal


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