MOTHERHOOD: ” proud me “


A reality rather than a story , which I am going to write about.

There was lady who once told me that she wanted to join the  civil services and become a police officer. Since her childhood she was an active and enthusiastic person with her interest in different activities . She told about her  memories of the first  trophy she won in school , coming first in race and many other similar things . In spite of being a brilliant child during her days she was not able to attend school oftenly because of her household chores . During her school time she had a match where her teacher asked the students to wear pants for the sport but she couldn’t make it as her elder brother didn’t allowed that ( which was normal for that time for every Indian girl ” orthodox people rocks” )
Time passed and she was forced to get married in her early twenties with a man twice of her age. Everything changed suddenly in her life ! Her school , studies , sports , dreams  were left far behind as  it was unfair for a woman to study or get engaged in activities during those days .
A man who was much elder than her was initially well settled but his family clashes didn’t let it sustain for a long time and their  financial condition started deteriorating. Seeing all these happening’s she felt bad and wanted to help her partner in any possible way .
A year after they were blessed with a baby girl and were happy . Everything was going smooth until the second child was born .
Decline in the finances led to many complications like their son being malnourished as the major consequence of poor health of the woman.
When they were facing such problems she couldn’t stop her from helping her children and working for them . So she decided  she will start with whatever work she gets to support her family . A major concern which was a barrier in her earning was the lack of education , qualification and a” degree “. So initially she started with little things like making rakhi and traditional crafts , sewing clothes etc .
After all these efforts  she was still unable to fulfiill her basic family needs like her daughter’s good schooling ,treatment of her hospitalised husband who suffered brain haemorrhage and much more.
She could see her family ‘s future ruining which any mother or wife would not tolerate . This made her search for jobs and vacancies wherever she could work .
We all are aware of the fact what challenges  a female has to face when she steps out to work in society . She visited many places , gave interviews, faced rejections but did not stop . Not having a valid degree was a major hurdle for her to cross. After a lot of struggle finally she got a job of home guard in a hospital on a very low pay scale but to look after her family she did overtime and managed the housework too ( like most of  women these days ).
Since then she kept on moving ahead and kept changing her work environment for higher salary.Her husband got treated well and became fine as well as children were raised well.
Once again a major breakthrough occurred when her daughter was diagnosed with a deadly disease and the woman  was about to loose all her hopes because her children meant everything for her. She lifted herself just to cure her daughter and to make her stand again. She did everything from working in house to night shifts to run her family and she eventually succeeded in that .
Since her husband was jobless in most of these periods which led to conflicts between them that forced her  to leave her own house when she started growing old . Her children accompanied her every time and everywhere as they saw their mother struggling from the day she was married till date .
This issue seemed to be resolved as her husband promised everything would go well but the  things remained same .
But life doesn’t stop and so we.
Today also she wakes up early , goes  to hospital , finishes her duty sincerely ,comes to home,does her household duties,even do night shifts and over times, and manages everything to maintain her relations with the friends and relatives.

Courtesy : Bhumika Sagar


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