Nanda Kundu


Today when the society is expressly identifying and exploring the need and scope of empowering women, we come across commendable examples of empowered women in different sectors and fields who have achieved heights of success in their life by the virtue of their strong will power and zealous efforts. ‘WEWZONE’ recently explored one such anecdote of success of Ms. Nanda Kundu, a note worthy and dignified choreographer. Ms. Nanda, who is the founder of Kiran Dance and Rhythm (2004), named in the memory of her guide and teacher Kiran Kalonoria as a piece and mark respect in his remembrance.

Kiran Dance and Rhythm Academy is jewel of Nanda’s heart with a deep traceable connection to some sweet and cherished memories of her life and it is undoubtedly the strong founding stone of her success story too. Nanda proudly counts on the support and crucial role of her mentor, family and friends in her journey of life and leap of achievements.

Ms.Nanda marks that she always had a golden spark of interest, thrill and passion for dance which in itself gave her an instinct of inner motivation to pursue her dream with an unabated zeal and diligence. She counts on the ladder steps of her journey where she started as a student then became a dancer, a successful performer and finally achieved her notable place as a successful choreographer.

This journey was not an easy stroll in the green grass, she came across harsh and rough turns and bumps too with poor physical health but all of it could never pull her back enough to crush her dreams, fortunately due to her strong will and optimistic support of her master. She still counts on the golden words of her master – “if you want you can do”, which were and which are a constant source of strength for Nanda. She strongly and optimistically marks that ” A woman is not weak , if she has a will of doing something then she must do it and a woman can achieve anything with her strong will power and self -confidence .


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