Protection of women!


We all know that our country, Hindustan is famous for its different customs and culture throughout the world. In India, it has been a tradition since ancient times that women are given special honor and respect. India is a country where special care is taken of the safety and respect of women. In Indian culture, women have been given the status of Goddess Lakshmi. If we talk about the twenty-first century, then women are working on the shoulders with men in every field, whether it is politics, bank, school, sports, police, defense sector, own business or the desire to fly in the sky is.

We can not say that there is no problem in the security of women in our country, but we can not ignore some positive points too. If we look at our history, we see that there was a Panchayli practice under which a woman (Draupadi) was allowed to marry five men (Pandavas). It is true that we all know, but if we talk back to the curtain, then we are unaware of the atrocities committed on women, offices, houses, roads etc. In recent times, cases like throwing have suddenly increased, after watching these incidents of acid, rape and sexual harassment on women, it seems that the safety of women is in danger.

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