Sangeeta Kapoor


There is no tool for development more effective than the empowerment of women. A woman who has a voice is undoubtedly a strong and an empowered woman!

“WEWZONE” has had the opportunity to interview the ravishing Sangeeta Kapoor, a young lady who has set a mark in the field of Anchoring and Acting.  Ms. Kapoor started her career in 2009 after completing her graduation. She initially opted for a job but her aims were bigger than that and soon took anchoring as a profession. She very happily shared that her family has immensely supported her and encouraged her to chase her dreams! “There was never any sort of boundation or restriction from my family… My family has never stopped me from achieving my dreams and am grateful to God that I got such a supportive family”, says Sangeeta.

Although she has acted in many documentaries and short movies, Ms. Kapoor has shared her desire to work with Salman Khan whom she idolizes in her life.

She is a very sensible lady and speaks about the importance of Self Defense and that every girl should be taught to defend her own self. “We are living in a world where to be very honest women are not safe…everyday we hear about abuses faced by women… an empowered women should learn to protect herself and not be dependent on anyone to protect her. If ever I get a chance, I would work on empowering girls and teach them the importance of self defense.”

Ms. Sangeeta Kapoor, through the interview, thus gave us a beautiful new definition of empowerment of women. We wish her success in life!

  –   Kartik Khurana {Story}



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