Sarah Berry


”The struggle for equality continues unabated, and the women warrior who is armed with courage will be among the first to celebrate victory.”

WEWZONE presents a story…a story of a woman who struggled through all hindrances in her life but with balance and vitality at an early age of 18. She is Sarah Berry. Sarah was born in Bangalore and then shifted to Delhi. Sarah sets a perfect example for not only women but for youth too. Due to some circumstances she had to work in her early 20s. Her parents who encouraged her to achieve what she wanted and told her to dispel any doubts regarding her choices made it possible for her to achieve her dreams! She was free to make choices on her own, thus giving us a strong message that it doesn’t matter whether you are a boy or a girl: every individual has the Right to live the way s/he wants to.

She began her career with tourism sector after what she worked in British school and performed her role as a teacher. She then joined Embassy where she focused on projects, events and education. Ms. Berry completed her post-graduation in German language. Not only this, she also applied in Swiz Air (Switzerland national airlines) where she worked as a flight cabin crew for duration of 2 years. She then joined Switzerland tourism for 4 years. Apart from this, Ms. Sarah writes feature articles and articles for newspapers.

During the interview she was requested to share her ideas on women empowerment to which she replied, “One should be aware of their rights and responsibilities and should be focused about what you want in life and what your choices are”

She says that no discrimination should be done between men and women as there is no work which women cannot do; they do tremendous in every field.

She concluded by saying ”Believe in yourself, prioritize your priorities and nothing can stop you”.

WEWZONE thanks her for setting an example and an inspiration to many.  A true example of an empowered woman,  Ms. Berry, we wish you many more success!!!

Hail Women Power!!!

-Mamta Sharma {Story}

-Bhavesh Bellani {Pic. Courtesy)

Edited by : Debangana Baruah


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