Vijaya Sharma




“Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world!”

WEWZONE brings you another inspiring story of a young girl who has never stopped

dreaming and achieving her goals! The winner of Femina Miss India Supra National 2013,

Miss Vijaya Sharma indeed has been living her life in her own terms and been able to succeed as well known Model of the country. Winning Miss India title at such an early age, Vijaya credits all her success to her parents who has always stood by her in all her steps. She started her modeling career with small assignments be it working in Malls or doing small events until she finally stood as Miss India Supranational!

On being asked about her parents, Vijaya shares that her parents had always been very supportive when it came to her modeling career. “My father comes from a very conservative family. But despite of pressure from relatives and others, he has supported me through my modeling career and has never stopped me from following my dreams.” He has always wanted Vijaya to become a doctor but has never forced his decision on her but has made sure that she completes her graduation before she becomes a full time model. Vijaya remarks that it is important for parents to stand by their children.

As a model, she did have to listen to lot of criticisms from relatives and society but Vijaya has been strong enough to out-stand everyone and follow what she has always wanted to do. “If ever I have any problem, or run out of money or anything, no one will come to me to help but my parents. If my parents stop me from doing anything, I will listen to them but not society! When you are nothing, no body listens but when you are successful everyone listens to you and you can stand for yourself.”

Vijaya Sharma at a very tender age has been able to accomplish her dreams and stands as an inspiration to many young girls who dream to walk the ramp. Her extra ordinary approach towards life and her career sets as an example of how hard work, dedication and will power can make the impossible possible! Although she comes from a conservative family, Vijaya has never compromised on her dreams and has never given up. Viajaya believes that there should be no excuse and no short cut towards achieving your goals; if you want something in life you will find a way to achieve it. Vijaya has been a very optimistic lady and wants to achieve more in her life and make it worth.

Vijaya’s message for all the people who are struggling in their lives:

Keep struggling and never stop. Never give up on your dreams as dreams come true at one point. Keep working hard and I hope all of you achieve your goals! Even I have never stopped dreaming. I still dream to be a successful actor and that’s what makes me work harder.”

WEW Zone wishes Vijaya Sharma a wonderful life ahead… May all her dreams and goals be fulfilled and we are proud to have women like her who have stood against the perceptions of the society and changed the views of people with their success. Good Luck Vijaya!

-Mamta Sharma {Story}

Edited By : Debangana  Baruah


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