Why women are Strong?


Since the beginning of time itself women have prove themselves mightier and tougher then men. They have grown to become more powerful and take over many of the roles that were once considered to be fore a man. Women are able to do more and better things with their extended abilities then ever before and are more independent with their lives. They can climb higher and farther then any man, their strengths and determination as powerful as ever before. Women can be whatever they wish to be and are able to do the same tasks that their male counterparts can do a much better job on top of it, if women can put their minds to it.

Women can endure more pain, stress, and hardships, both mentally and physically, then a man could ever do. The emotional demands on a woman are great, quite often a woman is solely responsible as the emotional support for her family and friends. She can be as strong as she can be for her family in hardships, strong enough to pull through the worst of times that emotionally demand that she be there for the ones that she loves. A woman can keep her emotions about her in just about any situation that comes up for her to be emotionally strong, putting forth a stronger body to help cope with any physical demands that may arise.

Her physical strength is much more powerful then a man’s, not solely relying on the strength of her muscles alone but also the will to carry a burden. A woman can carry more weight and go farther then any man can, meeting the physical demands of every day life and any hardships that may follow easier and better. Women can also endure more physical hardships over what a man can withstand, able to stand tall even when it hurts to keep her head up. With a strong mind and a strong body functioning together as one, women can go the distance and do everything better and faster.

Women are also better at being creative, able to visualize their creative ideas in better ways. Their minds can put things together much more efficiently, quicker, and better, allowing her designs and creations to last longer. Women know they do not need to fix any mistakes that they make with their own creations, whether it be putting together a design for a bedroom, painting a wall, or even putting a cabinet together. Their creative minds are more able to express their ideas and styles so that these same ideas and styles can blossom into fruition. These ideas and styles are also more brighter and more beautiful, much more so than a mans.

Women have also been known to have a better driving record then a man’s, able to mentally focus on the road in front of them and their surroundings. Their driving performance is much better than a man’s, as they do not get excited over every small detail and allow themselves more calmness when they take extra time to get to their destinations. Unlike a man, women have fewer instances of road rage, allowing their minds to be more level when they are on the road to deal with anything that may come their way. This goes hand-in-hand with being more focuses on their surroundings so that they can expect something to happen while remaining calm and not angry at what mistakes may happen.

Car insurance for women is also lower over that for a man’s. Several insurance companies believe that a man’s driving skills are not as good as a woman’s, as men don’t allow themselves to concentrate on their driving and instead are more focused on other things. Men quite often have their mind set on trying to impress others with their poor driving abilities or try to show off their “fancy” and hyped-up cars. This leads to not paying attention to what is going on around them and their own minds keep being focused on who they are trying to impress rather than the road in front of them. This causes not only more accidents for men but also higher car insurance that they have to pay. It is a better idea to let women do the driving, as not only will there be fewer accidents but also few people will get lost, as men never seem to want to pull over to ask for directions.

A woman’s mind is a wondrous thing to have. There is so much that she can hold in her mind, from shopping lists to every day tasks and duties. Her memories can go back for years to things men have long since forgotten about. A woman’s higher brain function enables them to keep these memories clear and fresh so they can use them for later in life, even when they no longer needed these same memories. A woman’s mind is sharp and quick to understand more concepts then a man’s, an ability that helps them with jobs and their own families. This higher brain function also allows them to multi-task better, giving women a bigger chance to do more at once then a man can. Multi-tasking and a sharp mind is essential for a woman’s daily life as she takes on more roles for herself and becomes more empowered with her own accomplishments.

-Ameera Mae Laramie

Courtesy : https://www.fictionpress.com/s/2812344/1/Why-Women-Are-More-Powerful


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