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In India, Women uphold the position of Goddess. They were believed to an embodiment of Laxmi, Durga, and Kali. The rivers, mountains are also worshipped in the name of women like The Ganga. We respect every cultural place as the incarnation of women on the earth. Every power which is requiring leading a comfortable life is believed to be bestowed by women. For example, Laxmi is considered as the Goddess of Wealth and prosperity, Durga is considered to be the Goddess of power, and Sarawati is regarded as the Goddess of Knowledge and education. 

Despite being treated as the incarnation of prosperity, knowledge, and power, there is a serious concern over the safety of women in India. The crime against women has extended mainly over the past few decades. They have to think twice before stepping out of their houses day in and day out. It is an unfortunate and alarming situation in India.

Our constitution gave equal rights and honor to the women. They, too, take active participation in the growth and development of India, but still, they live in fear of being tortured and continuously starring eyes. They have to change their speed due to stalking on the roads. Women are given the top position in society, but at the backdoor, they are being exploited brutally and mercilessly.

Crime against Women in India

The headlines of the daily newspaper often feel with the crime against women. Be it is the incidence of stalking, raping, or domestic violence against women. It is excruciating to watch the status of women’s safety in India, especially in a country where women are given the stature of Goddesses.

There is a long list of crimes against women in India. Starting with the case in her house in persecuting of domestic violence, the safety of women is at stake.  You must have heard of women burnt and brutally murdered in want of dowry by in-laws. The number of dowry-deaths has been increasing in our country. Women have to live quietly and tolerate these entire undue situations for the sake of society. She seems that the fame of family is on the shoulders of women. The cases of Honour killing have also abruptly increased in the last few decades. The murder of daughters in the name of glory and fame can never be justified. Female foeticide is yet another common crime. Due to the regressive thinking, people kill daughters before they are born.

The incidents of acid attacks have also become normal in various parts of the country. The group of playful male feels pleasure by throwing acid on the face of the girls and eradicate their lives. The reasons for these attacks are heinous and show the ugly face of males’ supremacy. Nonetheless, India has a lot of strong acid attack survivors who are battling for their lives and trying to lead their lives independently.

The list continues to belong as crimes against women are on the rise. Other crimes also include child marriages, child abuse, rape, trafficking, and many more.

Way to Ensure Safety

We are in a country where women are worshipped. It means women hold an upper hand over their male counterparts. But still, they are being harassed. It is because the male wants to be superior to the female. Our prime duty and responsibility is to teach our son that daughters have equal positions, and she must be respected.

The women should learn self-defense techniques like judo or karate, which they may use when times require. Furthermore, they must carry pepper spray of French knife with them to combat any undesirable situations even though these are not the solution to the problem but maybe effective at times for safety purposes.

The government should pass some strict and binding laws to overcome crime against women. Formation of the fast track court and severe punishments for the accused, if proven guilty, is a must so that the future generation can learn from it.  The law enforcers in India have to act more proactively to ensure timely justice for women.

The government has abolished the dowry system, but it still prevails in society. We should depend on the government to eradicate this type of social evils. The government can pass the order and enforce it by power, but still, this is the prime duty of every citizen to abide by government regulation. We can learn about dowry-death or dowry cases still pending in the courts for justice.

The point of view towards the girl child must be changed. The time has come when girls and boys are no longer different. The girls have proven themselves equal or even better than boys in many fields. In the Olympics games, women fetched more medals than males. The numbers of CBSE or ICSE rank holders are more girls than boys. So the boy supremacy is no longer exists. Hence every individual must respect the dignity of women. Society should treat every individual, whether a girl or boy, equally without discrimination.


As a nation, we can’t progress until women feel safe and confident, as, in modern India, women have a significant role to play in the economy and society. Education has an important role in building the character of the person and helps in curbing crimes against women.

We should always remember that women are the most powerful living being. They give us birth and are highly respectful. So working for their safety is our first and foremost task, and the government and we should take specific steps to protect women and motivate them to do innovative deeds in life and assist in the nourishment of the society.

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